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  • Dr. Melanie McField
  • National Protected Areas Management Plan

The CZM Authority was established under the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Co-operatives. It is comprised of a Board of Directors appointed by the Minister and a Chief Executive Officer appointed by the Board.

The Authority is an autonomous public statutory body charged with the responsibility of implementing and monitoring policies that govern the use and development of the coastal zone in Belize.

The major functions of the Authority are:

  • Advise the Minister on all matters related to the coastal zone, and on the formation of policies
  • Assist in development of programmes and projects
  • Foster regional and international collaboration
  • Commission research and monitoring
  • In consultation with stakeholders, assist in preparation of development guidelines and review the CZM Plan prepared in accordance with the Act
  • Maintain the national coral reef and coastal water quality monitoring programmes

The CZM Institute, headed by a Director, carries out the technical functions of coastal management in coordination with the various agencies involved.

Its main functions are to conduct marine research, maintain a data centre, provide information as required by the Authority, organize training courses, support other agencies involved in CZM, maintain coastal monitoring programmes, and to assist with preparation of a national CZM plan.

Presently, the Institute is involved primarily in data collection and analysis, research on manatees, coastal water quality monitoring, and coastal planning (focusing on the island of Caye Caulker).

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We are centrally located in the beautiful country of Belize for assignments in Central America and the Caribbean. Our image library currently holds nearly 10,000 images and is constantly being updated. The entire library is computerized for easy searching and will soon be searchable online. Currently, you can request images online and be contacted via e-mail of the results.

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